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Review: The Art of Happiness (Part 3) May 30, 2007

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This post is about inner worth and the difference between happiness and pleasure.

Inner Worth

A sense of inner worth is very important these days. Not just that you have a inner worth but also the source of it plays a major role. The best thing you can do is to gain strength from multiple sources and not just a single one.

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On the Lot May 28, 2007

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A new tv series started last week called “On the Lot”. So far I like the show, it’s a kind of apprentice-style show with challenges and eliminations each week. The producers are Mark Burnett (who also produces The Apprentice with Donald Trump) and Steven Spielberg. The winner of the show earns a $1-million development deal at Dreamworks.

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Bear Grylls – Desert Island May 22, 2007

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Desert IslandFinally I had time to watch a new episode of Man vs. Wild. This time Bear Grylls jumps out of a helicopter 2 miles from a desert island away. Except his knife and the clothes on his body he has nothing with him.

Swimming the 2 miles is very exhausting and the best way to save the energy is by swimming sideways. The waves are getting very strong closer to the shore and then you definitely need the energy….

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Backyard nature May 20, 2007

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The summer is almost here and the dragonfly season starts. Last weekend I went to the small pond in the backyard of a friend to take some pictures of the surrounding nature.

I used the Canon 100/2.8 macro lens and the Sigma 135-400 zoom lens to take some close-ups. Most of the time it’s very difficult to get sharp pictures with the zoom lens at 400mm because it is not a very fast lens. But I was lucky that day, the light was perfect and bright enough.

For some shots I tried the tripod with the Canon 100/2.8 to get some real 1:1macros. Using this lens at a reproduction scale of 1:1 is very very tricky. Moving the lens just a few millimeters back and forth defines which elements will be sharp. So imagine that you just set up the tripod, the camera and the lens in the very best position and you want to take a picture of a small insect which is constantly moving around 🙂

See some of the shots at www.oxymoron.li

DotNetNuke for my site ? May 16, 2007

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Recently I “converted” my website www.oxymoron.li from ASP.NET 1.1 to the new version ASP.NET 2.0 with the DotNetNuke Framework. It wasn’t that easy as I expected. Setting up a new site was quite easy but transfering the site from the developing server to the production server was more tricky because the security settings were different. I also switched from MS SQL Server 2000 to the MS SQL Server Express 2005 version where all my users and permissions were different. But now the site is running and I am satisfied with the result. Most of the free modules of DNN are quite good and flexible but the gallery module is for me inefficient. I like to see the EXIF information and also the GPS tracks of my trips which is not support in the DNN module. So I had to use my own module which is integrated with a iFrame. I am looking forward to develope my own DNN gallery module in the near future…

Review: The Art of Happiness (Part 2) May 12, 2007

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Second part of my review of the book “The Art of Happiness”.

It’s very difficult to get independent of external material things because western culture is mainly based on material acquisition. We are surrounded with ads, new cars to buy and so on.

There are two ways to reach inner contentment. More on my site.