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Bear Grylls – Rocky Mountains June 29, 2007

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This time he parachuted near the Canadian border into a remote area of the Rocky Mountains. He had a timeframe of 5 days to find civilization. These days he was on his own with no spare clothes, map or even a knife.

This was the second time where he had problems with the landing. He got stuck in a tree top, about 60 feet above the ground. His only chance was to use his emergency parachute which brought him closer to the ground. After he took some of the parachute lines for later use he jumped… 

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Remix07 in Zurich – Part 2 June 24, 2007

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Day 2 – June 19

The next morning the keynote speech WPF and Silverlight: Creating designs that will Captivate not Intimidate users from Paul Dawson was really impressive. Paul talked about the new thinking of web content. People want to cut out the rubbish content during their web surfing which means that browsing via RSS feeds is getting more and more popular. Using RSS feeds for getting and overview is much more effective and has less “noise” of unwanted content. A nice way to look at this trend I think.

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