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Getting Things Done October 29, 2006

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This is one of the most inspiring books I have read the last months. David Allen describes his method of “Getting Things Done (GTD)” in an easy an practical way. He outlines the system and philosophy and gives some usefull tips. Later it’s up to you how you would like implement the GTD system. For example if you prefer a paper based or computer based system.

I have decided to implement a computer based system and therefor I’m currently evaluating some software like MyLife Organized or Ultra Recall. Both are good programms and you can download evaluation versions to test them. I’m still not sure which one fitts my needs best but I hope to find a solution the next weeks.


Blog juice site popularity calculator October 12, 2006

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Although the rating is not that good I gained from this calculator I would like to share this link with you. I got 0.2 points out of 10 which motivates me to improve my blog structure and the popularity. I think the reason for this bad rating is that there are almost no blogs which have cross references on my articles. The more links you have from other sites the more popular your blog will be and therefore the rating should increase. The first step to improve was to register at the dmoz project and after that I will check the blog juice points again.

 Check out this link to get your own calculation.

Some thoughts on sleeping October 1, 2006

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The last days I’ve read some interesting articles about sleep and sleeping habits.
There are 5 stages of sleep which one should know to understand the basics of sleep theory. When you are awake, your brain exhibits high brain waves, called beta brain waves. Stage 1 sleep is a very light sleep and is also called the “doorway” to your sleep. In this stage your brain exhibits alpha waves and some theta waves.
Stage 2 sleep is the link to the deep sleep, but in this stage most people woken up think that they were still awake.
Important are the stages 3 and 4. These are the deep sleep stages where the brain exhibits low frequency delta waves. In this phase your blood pressure, respiration and heart rate reach their lowest point in the day.
The last stage is the so called REM sleep. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement because in this stage the eyes move very rapidly in all directions and a lot people who woke up at this stage told that they were dreaming at this point. Therefore this stage is also called dream sleep.
During the night you have multiple sleep cycles where you go through these stages.
Most people feel tired when they wake up in the morning although they slept 8 hours and more. And most of the people think that they need even more sleep to feel better. One thing you should try is to shorten your sleep time by about 30 or 40 minutes. You feel very tired and exhausted if your alarm clock wakes you up right in the deep sleep stage. So the best point to get up would be the end of the prior sleep cycle and that should be about 30 minutes earlier. Certainly you have to try this out for yourself because sleeping habits vary from person to person.
Another thing which can help is the amount of sunlight you are exposed to during the day. The more the better, because sunlight slows down the melatonin production. Melatonin is released in darkness and you will have feelings of drowsiness and loss of energy. This hormon is responsible for putting you to sleep so it is important during the day to slow down or block its production.
Other points which are important to improve your sleep quality:

  • Hydration of your body effects indirectly the quality of your sleep
  • Your daily activity level effects your sleep (activities in the morning are best and not in the evening which would be counterproductiv)