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Bear Grylls – Desert Island May 22, 2007

Posted by theoxymoron in TV Series.

Desert IslandFinally I had time to watch a new episode of Man vs. Wild. This time Bear Grylls jumps out of a helicopter 2 miles from a desert island away. Except his knife and the clothes on his body he has nothing with him.

Swimming the 2 miles is very exhausting and the best way to save the energy is by swimming sideways. The waves are getting very strong closer to the shore and then you definitely need the energy….

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1. Melissa Payne - August 3, 2007

he confessed that its not really a desert island, but more of one side of a hawaiian island that people never go too. and that raft her built, was made by the camera crew to ensure his safety.

2. Bear is fake - August 5, 2007


Surviving in a hotel with a 32 men strong crew on Hawai is so hard…


3. pv - April 20, 2009

he didn’t confess to anything,, he was busted by a ch.4 investigation, when questioned, he denied it until a written statement was shown to him by channel 4 lawyers. it was written by the resort staff who took over a week to build the raft he claimed to have built with no tools by himself in a matter of hours… he said he built it during the taping, then during a voice over narration, on 2 talk shows, in a newspaper article, and to investigators.. he only came clean after he was about to face criminal charges of fraud, and heavy financial penalties from the network, for screwing their reputation of having honest programming.

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