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Increase passive Income April 15, 2007

Posted by theoxymoron in Computer.

Agloco It’s always interesting to find new ways to increase your passive income. The first method I started was the integration of Google’s Adsense on my website www.oxymoron.li . It’s a nice way to earn some money without actively doing something (except waiting 🙂 ) .

Now I found another very interesting concept from the company Agloco. They will start these days their new toolbar which counts the number of hours the users are in the internet and shows content specific ads on the bottom of your browser.
The cool thing is, that you participate of the success through company shares. For a certain amount of internet-surfing you get shares of the company. And if the company does fine your income increases. Even better is that you can refer people and you participate also on their activity and their referrals.
This goes four level down so you can increase you network of people pretty fast. So just sign up now and tell all friends !

If you sign up directly please use my MemberID as referral Code: BBDF8048



1. Jeremy S.Collins - April 16, 2007

Perhaps Agloco will hit off big. I really like the Member Calculator tool. I also use a similar system where members get their websites displayed in front of other members for credit exchange to take place. So you are guaranteed viewing of your website, not just an ad at the bottom. Both systems in conjunction can produce a good alternative source of passive income.
See how I get paid to advertise at http://www.selfwealthmanagement.com

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