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The Law of Attraction April 7, 2007

Posted by theoxymoron in Interesting Reads.

There is the idea and it is discussed under the topic of The Law of Attraction, that everything in your life and around you (good or bad) like your friends, your house, your job or career etc. was attracted by you and your thoughts.

The problem is, that most people constantly think about the things they don’t want. But this way of thinking gives more importance to the wrong part of your life, so consequently you begin to attract the things you don’t want instead of what you really want. People do have the wrong attitude most of the time.

Two quotes I want to mention concerning this topic are the following:

Whatever it is you are feeling
is a perfect reflection of what is
in the process of becoming.

What you think
what you feel
what manifests
is always a match.

It sounds strange and I think one needs some time to get used to this concept. This way of thinking means that the type of thoughts you have determine your future. It also means that what you are now is the result of what you thought in the past. Here is very good quote to that point from Buddha:

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.

One way to start to examine The Law of Attraction is to start thinking on what you want. Remove attention from the things you don’t want in your life. That sounds very trivial but that doesn’t mean that it is well known and accepted.



1. TheIntentionalSage - August 6, 2010

What if the world were different? What if the world were a place where everybody was happy? What if the world were a place where everything (animals and plant life included) was at peace? What if we, as humans, lived harmoniously with our surroundings? What if the purpose of life was to be joyful – all the time? The intention of this blog is to provide examples of answers to these questions.

We are all co-creators of the future.

Adhering to this premise, all of the posts that can be found at “Imagine Into Being” are intended to co-create the future. These “imaginings” are wonderful additions to the possibilities of what is to happen in the future. Every thought ever created is part of a grander collection of thoughts. The more times a thought is believed and energy it garners (by way of more and more people believing it), the more likely it is that this thought is going to occur. This is the perfect reason for this blog.

The world is aching for more positive and intentional thoughts to be added to the collection. This blog seeks to do that by contributing a number of intentional and very different possibilities for the world.


With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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