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Life and Wildlife in Sydney February 4, 2007

Posted by theoxymoron in Australia, Travel.

I’m not aware of any city where nature and business-life coexists that close as in Sydney. Within 1minute you can be downtown shopping or the next minute in tranquil parks surrounded by bats, lizards and exotic birds. I’ve been to the city center several times by now never the less I still see something new every time I go there.

Right after the photography exhibition we went back to the botanic gardens for another coffee but this time we followed another path through the huge landscaped open area.

Close to the entrance we spotted a kookaburra in a tree. In german this bird is called “Lachender Hans” but the Aboriginals call it Kookaburra or Laughing Jackass. It was half asleep  minding his own business till I came along and abused it as my photo motif. I was able to take some nice shots at about 2 meters distance.

After I got bored with the bird I started to have a look around for some more victims. And there it was, a massive lizard sun baking on a warm rock. This time the animal wasn’t asleep but pretending to be dead (rigor mortis) which made it quite easy for me to get upclose !

Making our way down to the lake we came across a Bollywood production which is a rather rare site. So we stopped for a little while watching them shooting part of what seems to be a small dance video clip.

See more pictures in my webalbum ! 



1. Andrea - February 5, 2007

You look like a very famous photographer in this picture, very professional. Did you hear the Kookaburra “laugh” ? All the best with your nature exploration.. Andrea

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