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Bear Grylls – Sierra Nevada December 31, 2006

Posted by theoxymoron in TV Series.

This time Bears parachuted down the Sierra Nevada. The Sierra is a mountain range that is almost entirely in the eastern portion of the U.S. state of California.

He choosed to land in a small lake because it would be too dangerous to land in the trees or on the rocks. This time he had a empty water bottle, a cup and a flint with him.

For orientation he used a stick and the shadow. Put a stick into the ground and mark the end of the shadow with a stone. After 15 minutes mark the end of the new shadow. The line between these two stones is the east-west line.

First he descended the mountain to reach the woods and because he tried to find a river. Following a river downstream is done most effectively by building a raft.  Before night he built a pretty nice shelter with wood. It looked like a wigwam and after he made the fire it was one of the best shelters he made sofar. With pine-needles and boiled water he made tea. Didn’t know that these pine-needles have 8 times more vitamin C than an orange.

The next day he saw some beautiful wild horses and he thought it would be great if he could ride with a horse back to civilization. But that was easier said than done. He tried hard to rope a horse with his selfmade lasso out of plants but that didn’t work out.

For a snack he found a small water snake. To eat it you have to bite off the head first and than you can eat the whole body. Watching this scene was exciting 🙂

The next day he got really hungry he decided to catch some animals to get the important proteins. He built a stick out of cedar wood which is a very very hard wood and he practiced to throw and aim for the prey. After he made his practice he went hunting. And I couldn’t believe it, he was successful and managed to hit a bunny. He broiled it and ate it in the evening.

After walking another day he spotted a lake and on the other side of the lake a road. He had to cross that lake but it was quite a long distance. To make it easier for him he used his trousers and made two knots, one at each end of his trouser-legs. After that he submerged it into the water so that the trousers were filled with air. This worked like a life-belt. Great idea !  



1. Lettuce - January 7, 2007

The Sierra is a mountain range that is almost entirely in the eastern portion of the U.S.

I believe you mean the western US. Like, Nevada.

Anyone - June 6, 2010

The Sierra is a mountain range that is almost entirely in the eastern portion of the U.S. state of California.

Read the whole thing dummy

2. JANET KING - January 7, 2007

Although I haven’t seen any of your shows Bear, I hear that
you are a man who can truly survive in the wild….
COOL !!!!!! My two sons have seen your show when you ate
an uncooked snake…I would have like to seen that.
Any way have fun and keep enjoying life. That’s what I do
I am a National Race Car Champion and a female to boot…I
survive in the wild of racing with all men….
Good luck and God Bless

3. StevIe Hayes - January 9, 2007

I love to watch your show. It is informative and REAL!! I grew up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and love to backpack, camp, hike, and survive, in the wild. I still can’t bring myself to try anything raw, except Sushi!! Keep up the awesome work on your show. You definetly make my heart go up in my throat doing some of the things that you do. Good Luck and God Bless!!

4. theoxymoron - January 9, 2007

Hi Janet and Stevle,
although I love your comments I have to say that I am NOT Bear Grylls. I watch his tv series and like the way he survives in these demanding situations. I decided to write about him and his adventures to share my thoughts with other people. Maybe others are also inspired by him.
For further information about Bear G. you can visit his website http://www.beargrylls.com/

5. Karen - January 12, 2007

I love Man vs.Wild! Being a major outdoors girl I find it very interesting. I hope Discovery keeps this show on for a long time. They do have another show I have seen called Survivorman. That guy kinda creeps me out. Yea, he is really informative but lets face it, Bear is alot nicer to look at.

Karen, Detroit Michigan

6. Julian Coles - January 17, 2007

Although My family and I are welsh, we have lived in the u.s for 8 years. Bear you rock! We love your show, but I wish you’d cook your fish. Not only have you taught us about survival, my wife thinks your handsome too. Of course not as good looking as me. Keep bringing us your show Bear, my kids love you. Good luck

7. Andrea - January 17, 2007

Hi Bear, I love to look at you and watch you how you get on in the wild world. You are a true star, I decided that I want to be a survivorwoman and I will start next week. If you need a woman to cook your fish and zebra chunks please concact me a.s.a.p.
Thanks ! If I had kids they would love you! XXX Queenie

8. Lorenzo the Wolf - February 3, 2007

I grew up in June Lake, CA, in the eastern Sierra, near Mono Lake. I have hiked the Pacific Coast Trail, with the exception of the desert between Acton and Kernville, which is mostly desert and not worth the wear on shoes.
I have been everwhere there is to go from the Mexican border to the Canadian on foot and horseback and the scenes shown didn’t make much sense to me, for a variey of reasons.
Only a few rivers of the size Bear rides a raft down are flowing to the west. He was in a region immediately following the trek that was clearly in the canyons most associated with the American River near Auburn, CA. The rivers of the Sierra generally flow downhill and hence either are headed east or west, as in downhill. Yet we find him at the Sierra creast, not far from Mammoth Lakes and more that likely below the Davis Lakes and Thousand Island Lake, the headwaters of the Owens River, making a shelter out of broken trees.

I admired the fire he built by friction with cedar and an Elderberry Tree branch. Willow is predominant in the area and Elderberry rare at that elevation, but I neglected to take a close look at the shrub he was tearing away at.

Food is abundant in the spring (lupine growing) in the western Sierra foothills and dried mananiota berries are horrible on a good day. Nettle is abundant as are wild iris, skunk cabbage root and several other native edibles. Some berries are beginning to appear, such as wild strawberries, so starvation is hardly an issue. Also in abundance are highways and associated roads, paved and unpaved. Californians rarely get out and walk and it’s because there are roads everywhere.

The trip made no geographical sense and I would love to see a map of the trail he was presumably on, or the westerly course he was inclined to take. Like I said, I’ve been there and something is a little fishy about this wilderness experince, and its not the baby garter snake he ate. Peace.
Lorenzo the Wolf

9. Greg - March 15, 2007

Hey Lettuce, you actually have to read the whole sentence!! That isn’t a period it is an abbreviation genius..

10. John - January 5, 2009

I lkike the show but the rumors of him not really being far from the city dulls my hope that one day i can REALLY live in the wilderness because there is non left

11. JohnB - August 3, 2013

Lorenzo , I am sure by now someone has told you that episode was filmed on Fresno dome , Iron Mountain Lakes, and surrounding areas. I understand they stayed at Bass lake resort during their time south of Yosemite . It is misleading if you take it as a travel log for the area. And they have tried to improve it by editing the original version, however I still would never risk my life by floating down a Serria stream or swimming across a foothill reservoir . And no, in my years of hiking in the Serrias both north and south of Yosemite I have yet to encounter the elusive High Serria White Mountain Bunnie Rabbit.

12. Timmytwotits - January 6, 2014

He “choosed”? Shut the fuck up moron.

13. Timmytwotits - January 6, 2014

Ps this show is pure shit and has literally NOTHING to do with survival. It’s just BS for morons to watch and pretend it’s real.

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