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Bear Grylls – Mount Kīlauea December 24, 2006

Posted by theoxymoron in TV Series.

Bear Grylls strands himself on the mount Kīlauea, presently one of the most active volcano’s on the planet. He’s got a water bottle, a knife and a flint with him. He used the sun as a compass to head in the direction of the sea because at the shore there are most likely people or civilization. He had to cross hot lava fields, sometimes his boots started to melt because the stones were too hot to walk on them. The smoke was unbearable so he had to use his t-shirt as a mask. 

After crossing the lava fields he reached the woods where he hoped to find some fresh water and food. He found a large lava tube and decided to go into it with a torch. Going into lava tubes is very risky because large parts of the land are still moving and you never know when the tubes collapse. After a hundred meters he found roots of plants at the roof of the tube and there was the rain water dropping from them. This water was perfect because it was filtered all the way through the bottom. For food he found some avocados and a day later wild bees. Bear produced with special leaves heavy smoke to calm them down, so he could get some honey from them. The sugar from the honey gave him new strength and after crossing another lava landstrip with very sharp stones he reached civilization. To protect his hands he used his socks as gloves which worked pretty well.



1. tf - February 3, 2007

bear grylls is amazing….

2. gnarls - February 23, 2007

bear grylls is very tallented

3. rogerio - November 21, 2012

I have this episode, i ve seen it 3 times. But i found a brazilian video on youtube where Bear cuts a cactus and rubs the juice on his feet to reduce the blisters. Well, this scene is not in the episode i ve seen ! Was it deleted ? Anybody knows ?

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