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Les Stroud in the Georgian Swamps December 12, 2006

Posted by theoxymoron in TV Series.

This time, in episode 4 of survivorman, Les Stroud was brought blindfolded to place deep in the swamplands of Geogias Altamah River Basin. He got the following items with him: tin can, rope, comb, bubble gum, creditcard, tissuepaper, swiss army knife and a empty lighter.

With these items he had to survive for at least 7 days until his friends come back to look after him. The second day he started to build a shelter like in every episode 🙂 There is a funny thread I found in the survivorman fan-forum which discusses  the effectiveness of the different shelters in the episodes. Spanish Moss

First he only built a basic version but the nights were so cold that he had to improve the isolation. He did that by using spanish moss which did a good job.

The food issue was quite good this time. First he tried to catch some catfish with a selfmade fishing rod. After that he catched a frog and roasted it on his fire. He used the guts of the frog to build a trap with sticks in the water. He had luck and the next day he found a turtle in it. He ate the turtle but it was important for him to tell us that he only kills other animals if he sees no way out and if it is for pure survival. He also cached a rattle snack which gave him plenty of proteins.

After 6 days he decided to build a small raft to find a way out to the river, where his friend could find him more easily. Stroud said after the rescue that it was a tough place to survive but an awesome place to experience.


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