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Costa Rica – Osa Peninsula November 30, 2006

Posted by theoxymoron in TV Series.

This time Les Stroud stranded at a beach with just his clothes,  3 pens and his multitool. Building a shelter wasn’t important this time because also at night the temperatures were very high. He found lots of coconuts for food and he could use the coconut milk to satisfy his thirst although he had to find fresh water very soon. The humidity was extreme and the danger of dehydration was big.

He found a small water stream out of the jungle but he decided to boil the water before drinking because most of the time these streams are full of parasites. He made fire with a spindle like he practiced it in the Sonoran Desert before and he used a big shell to boil the water. Good idea.

On day 3 he decided to find a way out through the jungle. He tried to find a path or road The nights in the dense jungle were very hard. Everything comes alive at night and everything moves! In an area of 65×65 meters live on average 3.6 millions ants…

On day 6 he found a river and after following it a day he was back at the coastline. On day 7 he walked the coastline along until he reached some boats and civilization.

Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild was also in Costa Rica in episode 2.



1. Andrea - December 1, 2006

Sounds like a challenging series, the picture of the beach makes me want to go on holidays ..Andrea

2. theoxymoron - December 1, 2006

Me too. But with more than just clothes and pens …

3. Andrea - December 3, 2006

clothes, a pen and a camera 🙂 Andrea

4. kabababrubarta - March 26, 2007

Good site! kabababrubarta

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