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Survivorman episodes November 26, 2006

Posted by theoxymoron in TV Series.

Survivorman is an interesting reality docu where a man films himself while he tries to survive in different very demanding situations. In the first episode he was set out in the Boreal Forest in Canada and tries to find back to civilization. If no one hears from him after 7 days the crew will start a rescue mission.

He has no special tools with him except one match, two cameras for documentation, some dry-food and a swiss army knife. Making fire and heating up some stones so that they reflect the heat during the cold nights was very important to get some rest and to overcome the rain and light snow falls at night.

During these 7 days he didn’t find much food. He tried to hunt a squirrel but without success. He found some water plants which he cooked and two small snails, that was all. Unfortunatly it wasn’t the season for berries.

In the end he went east and after a few days hiking he reached a highway.

The second episode played in Arizona in the Sonoran Desert.  He got 1 snack bar and a few liters to drink. He eat most of the time some plants and berries but also a scorpion and lots of grasshoppers. He roasted them on the fire and they were very tasty, at least when you are that hungry.

In both episodes he made the fire by spinning a wood to produce sparks and it worked quite well after practicing a few times.

There is another series called Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel with a similar topic. But in Survivorman he films all on his own and there is no camera crew around which makes it more realistic I think.



1. maria dossantos - December 27, 2006

heard that this guy got killed by a grizzly bear true or not

2. theoxymoron - December 27, 2006

well I don’t think that this can be true because he is now filming the second season of his show. I think it would be posted on his blog if he got killed. Have a look at http://www.lesstroudonline.com/blog/

3. Rick - December 21, 2008

There’s no way he’s dead! He’s filming the 2008 season lol

4. Aly - April 21, 2009

he’s dead he got killed by a komodo dragon retards jeez if you watch his video it shows him yelling for help and then he dies of the venom and then you see the komodo dragon carrying him away but when they went to go search for him they found his well the remaining peices of his bones 250ft away so search it up!!

austin - August 14, 2010

he did which one less or bear?

5. Aly's an idiot - June 15, 2009

I just watched his blog as June 11th 2009….He looks pretty good for a dead guy.

6. shana - May 6, 2011

wait, which is it than, im confused?!

7. survivor tv show 2006 - October 13, 2014

survivor tv show 2006

Survivorman episodes | The Oxymoron Blog

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