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Landscape shoots and DOF September 17, 2006

Posted by theoxymoron in Interesting Reads, Photography.

In an interesting article in the Popular Photography Magazine Tim Fitzharris describes the 5 most important issues about shooting great landscapes. Here is one statement I’d like to mention.

  • Almost all first-rate pictures are made during a one-hour slot at the end and beginning of the day, including the periods when the sun in below the horizon.

That’s why most of my pictures taken at noon look as if they are a little overexposed (washed out colors). At this time of the day the light is too hard and you don’t get a big range of tonal values.

A second great article is about controling Depth of Field (DOF) in your pictures. There are 3 ways to control DOF:

  • the distance to the subject
  • the focal length
  • the aperture (f-stop)

The first two options change the image composition, the third is the only way to change DOF without changing the picture composition. Smaller f-numbers give narrower DOF.



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